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Need help with National 5 or Higher English?

✅ Online English tutoring available across Scotland with a highly experienced teacher and SQA marker.

✅ Small group work focuses on RUAE (close reading).

✅ 1:1 sessions tailored to your needs - e.g. Critical Essays, Folios, Scottish Set Text.

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We have a 100% pass rate!


"Alison's contribution was a great aid that most definitely enhanced my child's exam performance to grade A in Higher"

Jothi D.

"Allie's analysis of texts was scond to none. Her attention to detail in her teaching has instilled in me a confidence in my own abilities to read and write. I am forever grateful for her help and wisdom."

Niamh C.

"Allie's extensive experience of the curriculum for National 5 and Higher, together with her dedicated input with each individual pupil has led to highly successful results. She tutored all 3 of my children and I am most grateful for all that she did for them."

Anne M.

"Ali managed to coach my son to achieve an A1 Nat 5 pass in English! Almost miraculous! Heartfelt thanks."

Gordon C.

"Allie was an excellent teacher who always had a way of making you feel at ease and able to discuss your weak points without judgement. You would struggle to find a teacher as helpful and organised as her."

Chelsea W.

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